South Kern Cemetery District

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Headquartered at The Arvin Cemetery, Arvin, CA

This Page Last Updated On 02/08/14

A search of our records indicates that there have been more nearly 6,000 burials in the Arvin Cemetery of the South Kern Cemetery District since it's founding.  Currently sites like and have more than 3,500 of them listed and in some cases pictures of the actual headstones.  For you who visit our website from outside the Kern County area, we know that these are often things you want to know and/or see.  Currently our burial archives have been updated and computerized.  We began uploading the information on all of the burials that have previously occurred here on August 1, 2013.  We expect to have all the information loaded before year's end.  We'll also add new burials to these pages as soon as we have all of the legal documents properly recorded.  Check back regularly for updates.



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